About David McGowin

I’m David McGowin and I am a husband, father, grandfather and one who loves reading and writing. I am employed at my church as the director of ministries which means I have the privilege of working with every age group from the nursery to our senior adults. I enjoy people and love to watch and listen to others as I believe everyone has a story to tell. What’s your story?

I’m affectionately called Papa Dawg by my grandchildren due to my strong allegiance to the Mississippi State Bulldogs, from which I am a proud alumnus! (No haters!) I love almost all sports but especially college football. I “enjoy” jogging until the Mississippi humidity gets the best of me.

I am new to blogging but absolutely love writing about life as I follow Jesus and what that looks like to me. Hopefully, as we journey together, we can encourage one another. If you would like to contact me, please use the contact page as I’d love to hear from you! Also, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter!

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