Think Better Live Better

I’m David McGowin and I am convinced that what we continually think is how we will act. As a Christian, I believe in a God who loves me and is for me. I believe that factually, but I don’t always think that way, therefore, my mind is allowing other thoughts to dictate how I feel and how I will act.

Life and all of its experiences and circumstances has a way of programming our minds to think about ourselves based on what we have gone through. For example, if I’m an athlete and just lost the game for my team and all of our fans, my mind will probably tell me that I’m a loser. And if I let that thought dwell in my mind, that’s the way I will feel and act.

So the right mind frame is a discipline that we must have in our lives. We need to fill our minds with uplifting information based on truth. For me, the truth is that God loves me so much that He sent His Son to die for me, take my place so that I could be forgiven and restored to a right relationship with my Creator and people in my life as well. That thought always lifts my spirits and encourages me to love others as I have been loved.

But each day is a battle to remind myself of what I believe to be true. Because I enjoy writing, that’s why I decided to start my own blog. So I will be writing about what it means to think well and make better choices. And as we do, it will add up to a better life! I hope that you may follow along and join in on any discussions. You are welcome to contact me and share your thoughts as well or subscribe to my blog below. I look forward to learning with you as we journey together.

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